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KneeRover® Deluxe

Rent From: £67.00

The KneeRover® is suitable for indoor and outdoor use provided it is used on flat terrain. Featuring a basket for storing your personal belongings, this is ideal for getting out and about during recovery.

There are disc brakes with a parking lock, making it ideal for using in the home. This knee walker folds easily meaning it can be taken in the car for days out.


:: Easily Folded For Transportation
:: Full Height Adjustable – Knee Pad & Handle Bars
:: Storage Basket Included
:: Parking & Manual Brakes
:: Disc Brake System


:: Max User Weight: 136kg (21 Stone)
:: Product Weight: 10kg
:: Knee Pad Height: 17.5″ to 22.5″
:: Handle Bar Height: 33″ to 43″
:: Wheel Size: 7.5”


Product Description

The KneeRover® Deluxe features a handy basket and a better braking system than the basic Knee Walker. This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use once it’s used on flat terrain.

With disc brakes and a parking lock, this is ideal for using around the home and can be secured whilst being used at a worktop or desk.


:: Folds Easy For Transport
:: Disc Braking System
:: Parking Brake
:: Includes Basket


:: Max Weight 21 Stone / 136kg
:: Total Weight 10kg
:: Knee Pad Height 17.5″ to 22.5″
:: Handle Bar Height 33″ to 43″
:: 7.5″ Wheels


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